Update 02.015 – Multiplayer, Dedicated servers

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Multiplayer has been added to Medieval Engineers! You will now be able to play together with your friends and either cooperate on constructing medieval castles or entire cities that you will have to defend from barbarian raids, or form groups and fight against each other. The initial multiplayer version supports all the features that are currently in the game, in both Creative and Survival modes. It is based on our current multiplayer from Space Engineers and it is not the new multiplayer layer – based on Raknet – that we have been working on lately (we still need more time to work on this new version).

the number of AI bots that can be in a multiplayer world is limited per server. New AI bots will spawn in the world only after the dead bots despawn (it will require approx. 30 secs for a dead bot to despawn).

We have also enabled the option to host multiplayer games on dedicated servers so you can have a more fluid multiplayer experience.
For more details about the multiplayer and the next steps in the game’s development, read Marek’s latest blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2015/05/medieval-engineers-multiplayer_5.html


– multiplayer mode
– dedicated server support (dedicated server can be found at: \Steam\steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\DedicatedServer or DedicatedServer64)
– dedicated server configuration dialog was improved to be more user friendly (added several new features to maintain config files)
– added blocking ability to all tools (default: RMB)
– increased peasant health for better AI survivability
– added switching your nametag visible/hidden to “O” key
– new sounds: ambient sounds in the background, tool collisions, impacts

– fixed wrong collisions on wooden inverted roof
– fixed crash when you used manipulation tool on item connected by rope
– fixed crash when you switched model to deer while a holding tool

EDIT 05/06/2015: Update 02.015.018
– fixed crash on clients with projectiles while dead
– fixed crash in havok
– fixed crash with mechanical blocks
– fixed servers not showing in servers tab
– fixed startup crash at havokWrapper.dll

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