Update 02.018 – Block damage system, New rope drum

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In this update we are introducing a block damage system to Medieval Engineers. You should no longer be able to destroy a stone wall with just one hammer/tool hit. We also added damage decals so you can easily see which blocks have been damaged.
Additionally, this patch contains a new lockable rope drum block for catapults so you will no longer need to reattach the rope after each firing. It can also be useful for gates (opening/closing) or pulley systems (such as elevators). The rope’s minimum/maximum length can be manually set.


– block damage system
– new block: lockable rope drum

– tweaked eye-light adaptation settings
– fixed missing textures on modded blocks (you have make some changes mentioned in textures guide and then republish the mod to get the textures again)
– fixed small grid blocks staying in the air even after supporting large grid falls
– fixed lock catch block missing the lock
– fixed a workaround that allowed pasting of containers without weight of the things inside
– fixed mount points on wooden wall slope and wooden wall top
– fixed black row in upper left corner

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