Update 02.024 – Character stats (health, stamina, food)

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Character stats – health, stamina, food – have been added to Medieval Engineers. This is one more of the main survival features that we are introducing to the game. Your character will now be affected by health, stamina and food. The character’s health will regenerate slowly through time; you can speed up the regeneration by eating (mushrooms, etc.). Eating will also replenish your stamina and food. When the food bar gets to 0, the character will start losing health. The stamina will decline according to the player’s actions (for example cutting wood) and will increase when the character is resting (standing, walking or crouching). Character’s stamina is also affected by the total weight of his inventory or when he’s manipulating with some heavy object while moving. Additionally, we have added more construction models for blocks used in survival building.


– character stats (health, stamina, food)
– adding objects to your inventory from the ground
– more construction models for blocks

– fixed possibility to fast place grids on a spoon, including the grid spoon is built on
– fixed looped desync with bigger destructions on dedicated servers

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