Update 02.025 – Castle Siege dedicated server

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In this week’s update we are adding the option to run castle siege battles on dedicated servers. Each time a castle siege session ends, the lobby will restart again so you can battle over and over! Additionally, the survival stats and numbers have been rebalanced based on our community’s feedback. We have also added a new batch of construction models for blocks used in survival building. Lastly, we have switched the hammer buttons while building/deconstructing (left mouse button for building, right mouse button for deconstructing).

– Castle Siege dedicated server support
– more construction models for blocks (survival building)
– switched hammer buttons (LMB = building, RMB = deconstructing)
– mark showing where the stats will grow after eating something

– fixed another issue with duplicating objects in inventory system
– fixed stats balance – now it takes much longer before player’s starving starts

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