Update 02.027 – Crossbow

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The crossbow has been added to the game. This is the first iteration and many improvements will be added in later updates (eg. dropping the bolt, a better quiver system (stacking) etc). At this point you can add crossbows and quivers with bolts only in a Creative world. To use the crossbow in Castle Siege mode, you will need to add it into chests of the attacking blueprints and defenders into their castle. In Survival, characters do not start with a crossbow in their inventory. To insert them, use the new shift + F10 command that opens a screen for inserting items into a world. This gives you more control over the world creation since you can easily insert things like food supplies or herbs for healing. The range of the crossbow is 50m and can cause damage only to characters or animals – small or large grids are not damaged at all. The damage of one bolt is 60 HP so two shots are required to kill a character. The crossbow is reloaded automatically after every shot and it requires a 5 sec cool-down to reload a new bolt. The player must have bolt quivers in his inventory to be able to shoot with the crossbow. Each quiver can contain maximum 10 bolts and every character can carry up to 100 bolt quivers (1000 bolts). A number will indicate how many bolts are available in the character’s inventory when the crossbow is placed on the toolbar. Note: the character can’t shoot with the crossbow while sprinting.
Additionally, we have applied some changes to the stamina regeneration. Working now consumes as much stamina as you regenerate. The basic stamina regeneration is much higher than before, and you can now regenerate a small amount of stamina even during basic running. Also, well fed characters (more than 70% on the food bar) can regenerate the first 15% of their stamina much faster for an extra cost of food and fighting now costs 3 times more stamina.
Lastly, we have improved the survival building feature. Now you can build with materials stored in your inventory or in nearby containers.


– crossbow
– inserting items into a world (creative mode only, shift+F10)
– stamina re-balance
– using materials from nearby inventories (survival building)
– updated official castle siege scenario + siege blueprints (crossbows, food)

– fixed issue when equipped tools remained in your hand after they were put away from inventory
– fixed issue with “Inventory full” message appearing on server host even when it wasn’t him accessing the inventory
– fixed multiplying of items put in inventories with manipulation tool in multiplayer
– fixed elevation and azimuth getting back to default after changes

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