Update 02.063 – Small blocks crafting, blocks costs revisited

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Players can now craft, take and carry small grid objects. Small grid objects can be crafted at a crafting table, and this can be created via the character crafting screen. When you craft an object, it will be placed into the inventory of the crafting source (e.g. player or table). Then you can take and place the object wherever you want from your inventory. Most of the small grid items will take up one slot in the inventory, but some small ones, like the catch block for example, can be stacked up to 3 pieces per slot.
We have also changed keybindings for picking things up and interacting with them. Picking up items is now done with the E key while the F key is used for interaction. To make sure these changes are applied, please set the control scheme to “default”. If that does not help, try deleting your config file, which can be found here “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\MedievalEngineers\MedievalEngineers.cfg”. Your new config with all changes in controls will be created when you restart the game.
Players can now pick up small blocks from the grids with “E” (and a timer will be added later to prevent unwanted deconstruction).

Note for modders: Small blocks won’t show up in survival after this update. A way to remedy this is to create a component, add it to the component blocks section, create a blueprint, add it to blueprintClasses, and change the cost of the block to the component.
Example Small Grid Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659882453


– Small blocks crafting
– Inventory not empty notification
– Inventory splitting function

– Default INTERACT key is now “F”
– Default PICKUP key is now “E”
– Pressing “I” now only opens character inventory + crafting
– Inventory now doesn’t throw out stuff on interaction
– Tweaked crafting GUI to better filter non-public blueprints and blueprint classes
– Changed component prices for the blocks

– Fixing crash due to wrong logical condition in MyGuiScreenInventory
– Fixing crash in character jetpack component when switching from creative to survival
– Fixed ui opacity 0 when starting game without config
– Fixed scrollbar missing in crafting screen blueprints grid
– Fixing blocks built in line not being built in the correct state (happened in Medieval Master)
– Particle lifetime fix
– Fixed axe, hammer and pickaxe holding animation
– Fixed crossbow particle effect

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