Update 02.064 – Blocks research, Progress spinner

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In this week’s update we are bringing research on blocks and a progress spinner for picking up small blocks to the survival game mode. From now on, you will start your survival journey with knowledge only about a few basic blocks. If you want to build more advanced blocks, you will need to draw the schematics on a scroll on a crafting table and learn it (use with right click). After you have the knowledge, you can build more advanced blocks. Schematics scrolls can also be given to other players who will learn them by using the scroll themselves.
We have also improved the object pick up notification. A small piece of information will appear every time you pick up an object. Keep in mind that these are just first iterations, so let us how you like it!
Research is fully moddable and players can add their modded blocks to research, should they want to. This feature works for tool blueprints, too. This means that if you want to make research for a blueprint of your powerful modded sword, you can now do so.
We have also added a support for layering icons. We use the tech to create schematic scroll icon by putting scroll icon on a background behind icon of block. This will work for any modded blocks as well and you can layer unlimited amount of icons.


– added research to be able to enable new definitions during the gameplay
– added scrolls that allow you to research block definitions
– rotating wheel with a countdown feature for picking up items
– possibility to have multi-layered icons on a definition

GUI & Tweaks:
– added error message when trying to place an invalid item into a toolbar slot
– ammo count is now shown in the top right corner instead of bottom right
– item quantities are now displayed consistently on the bottom left side
– tweaked definitions to work with the new research system
– improved small grid building by removing the necessity to define a special component
– improvements to the camera code, tweaked the camera spring
– removed unnecessary crafting recipes from crafting table
– tweaked mace build cost

– fixed MyFixedPoint.ToIntSafe() giving incorrect results sometimes
– collecting a variant of a small block now gives you the original block
– fixed wrong mesh on HouseStoneRoundedDoor
– updated icons and fixed components of TimberDiagonal
– fixed origin position on Axe_OneHand
– fixed Lock Catch Block not being placeable into toolbar in survival
– fixed respawning in the air for modded terrains
– fixed some blocks being not available in survival despite being craftable
– added compound dummies to HouseStoneStairsCorner
– fixed drum and rope ending having wrong crafting results
– fixed crash after suicide
– fixed character head matrix on DS, which caused problems e.g. with picking of items
– fixed inventory replicable not getting removed when parent is removed
– fixed missing localization of blueprint classes
– fixed porters bugging out on stones
– fixed highlighting on LockGearBoxSmallCogWheel2_1.
– fixed a bug that prevented you from loading and starting a game from a workshop world
– fixed wrong names of turnwheel and wheel

Hotfix 02_064_008
– Lone blocks can now be picked up without a delay
– Fixed crash in contact sound callback
– Fixing crash during respawn
– Fixed crash in MyToolbarItemUsable
– Added stone pillar research
– Fixed bonfire icon showing when you picked up stone
– Fixed wrong timers in G-screen
– Fixed not being able to build large blocks which required Timber10
– Added reporting for removed items in the inventory
– Enabled small projectile in G screen
– Fixed weight components
– Changed price of a weight block
– Fixed simspeed drop with manipulation tool

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