Update 02.067 – Wooden gate

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Greetings Engineers! In this week’s update we are bringing new block to the game: a wooden gate. The wooden gate’s opening speed, number of door wings, max angle and open angle are all moddable. This means modders can make all sorts of smaller doors, shutters, cellar doors, roof windows, and so on.
In this first iteration, the door doesn’t have ownership, so they are only useful against barbarians for the moment – we are still working on the ownership system.
We have also changed key binding for voxel hands configuration. It’s context sensitive now, so to configure voxel hands just press K when you have voxel hands equipped.


– added Wooden gate block (fully moddable)

Fixes & Tweaks:
– fixed problems with roof battlement triangles when constructed/deconstructed
– fixed durability not being saved in the torch
– fixed durability reset when you had more tools of the same type on your toolbar
– fixed sounds of running & sprinting over grass
– fixed rotation and pickup clashing (now the pickup will only work when no tool is equipped)
– fixing problem with duplicate entity ID in re-equipped weapons (causing the weapon not being equipped sometimes)
– fixed dear dead body physics
– fixed bug with LockableDrumMain
– improved fracture piece multiplayer code
– improved the logic behind hiding the character head
– added Voxel Settings to K key (as default)

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