Update 02.069 – Portcullis

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Dear Engineers! In this week’s update we are making another addition to the group of entrance blocks. We’ve added a new block, the portcullis. It’s modular, so it allows you to combine it with other blocks in various ways. It’s also a compound block, so there are a large number of possible combinations. It’s the last of the series of gate blocks that we’ve been adding over the past weeks.


– Portcullis multiblock added
– added sliding animation to the door blocks

Fixes & Tweaks
– added night skybox to the environment definitions
– adding the possibility to have derived types of blocks (not only MyCubeBlock) in a compound
– fixed player name visibility
– fixed multiblock EntityID allocation

Hotfix 02.069.008
– fixed flying gate when destroyed
– fixed issue with wrong loading of door blocks

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