Developer Diaries – Episode 14

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Hello, Engineers! In today’s dev diary with Medieval Engineers Producer Tim Toxopeus, we take you back in time to the age of Medieval heraldry, originating in the early 1100s. Heraldic achievements were very intricate and complex designs in the Middle Ages, and modern Heraldry is still undergoing development.
In Medieval Engineers, banners are currently blue/white and red/white. We think this is a bit plain, and doesn’t leave much room for decoration or storytelling. Plus, looking at the numerous workshop flags and banner mods, we know that our community wants more.
In response to your wishes, today we’re proud to present banners! Medieval Engineers will soon allow banners that are player-customisable. They have 3 layers (background color, pattern + color, and a symbol + color) as well as a bonus layer. As a gift to our early community of players, anyone who has already bought Medieval Engineers or who buys the game before our next release will receive a special, unmoddable layer. All other patterns and symbols will be moddable through our workshop.


We’re also launching a banner design contest – starting today! You can design your own 3-layer banner according to our technical specifications. Tim will personally choose the winner, who will have their banner design elements implemented in the vanilla game.
Check out the contest rules on our forum to learn a little more and submit your banner design:

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