Developer Diaries – Episode 11

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Hello, Engineers! The 11th episode in our series of behind-the-scenes developer diaries has been released! This week Čestmir will tell you more about the new contextual GUI menus in Medieval Engineers.
The contextual GUI menus are designed to have a simpler interface that focuses on the context you are interacting with. They only show information that is relevant to what you are doing at the time, and will disable actions you are not able to do. For example, if you are accessing a gate menu, you will only see options for gates. If you are accessing a respawn menu, you will only see options for respawning.
The menus use icons that are consistent throughout the game to make the options easier to recognize and learn. They are also streamlined and small so that they fit in the center of your screen. This allows you to see the world around you while you are accessing the menus.
Finally, please enjoy the conclusion of our short story. We hope you enjoyed watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them.

Modding Possibilities
Modders can completely re-skin many parts of the menus:
• backgrounds
• colors
• icons
• texts
• tooltips


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