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How to access the Community Edition:

1. Head to your Steam Library and right-click on Medieval Engineers.
2. Select “Properties”
3. From the menu popup, select “BETAS”
4. You should now see the option to “Select the beta you would like to opt into:”
5. From this menu, select “Community Edition”.
ME LOGO CE 500x350 1 | Community Edition

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What is Medieval Engineers Community Edition?

Immediately following the release of Medieval Engineers from early access we spoke with a number of community members who felt the title still had more to offer. We were inspired by the passion and dedication Medieval Engineers fans poured into the game and by the vision our community has for the project. 

“Just release the source code.”

This, and a host of similar voices, pushed us to do more, to provide a better solution and to continue what many felt was incomplete. 

So, we did.

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Continued development, and the enormous effort this would require, would need logistical support, communication channels, a custom build, distribution methods, proper bug reporting and feedback, and the list goes on. While community feedback was moving, the number of logistical challenges something like this presented seemed almost unrealistic.

Thanks to the patience of our volunteers and the investment of resources from Keen Software House we have created a framework for continued, community-led, development.

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Development of Medieval Engineers “Community Edition” is now, and will be, at the discretion of our volunteer staff, while Keen Software House will act in a support role. We will provide development resources such as servers, staff support, logistics, and communications support. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our volunteers have the tools (and freedom) this kind of project requires, to continue to apply their passion to Medieval Engineers in this new “Community Edition”.

For full blog post about the Community Edition please continue here.

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