Keen Software House welcomes all feedback from our community.The support site is becoming the only official support platform for all Keen games. It helps us to specifically track various categories such as ideas, bugs and help requests. The support portal is a one stop place for all your queries, feedback, reports, and questions.

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How does it work?

The site is the one-stop center for support, feedback and bug reporting for all our games. You need to select which game your inquiry is related to. Each game has its own support and reporting structure where you can submit bugs, ideas or simply request help. You can also browse through bugs and ideas submitted by other users.

You can register directly at the page by clicking on the register link which is available in the login section at the top right side. However, you don’t need to be registered to submit a help ticket or browse through the topics.

Submitting a bug or idea
The support page is simple and easy to use. You can submit bugs and ideas only if you are logged in. Once you are logged in, you fill in a simple form and click submit. You can add files, pictures, or screenshots to better describe your idea or problem. After creating a topic our team is notified.

Request help
You can submit inquiries requesting help related to the game. This section should be used for technical support, general issues, or questions about the game. We encourage you to attach log files for technical support issues.

Status of your tickets
You are automatically notified when there is a new comment or changed status of your ticket. You can always review the status of tickets by clicking on My Tickets in the menu at the top right corner under your name.

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Email notifications are enabled for the entire site. You will receive notifications for all of your tickets, ideas, and voted topics, no matter which game it is related to.

Voting helps to prioritize users’ ideas and bugs in the topic section. By using the simple voting system, you can increase the rank of a particular submission. You can vote for each ticket (idea and bug) only once. However, you can leave your comments for any submitted idea or bug.

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