Update 0.5.12 – You Spin Me Right Round

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Hello, Engineers! We hope you enjoyed last week Wednesday’s live stream, where we attempted to siege a castle made by a member of the community. They graciously invited us to come and attempt plunder, and so we did! We had a lot of fun, and I hope you will enjoy watching the replay.
This week we’ve got a small quality of life feature, and bunch of neat bug fixes for you. Firstly, whenever you paste something from your clipboard, a spinner wills how up telling you the paste is in progress.
Among the fixes are some performance improvements, one of them being inspired by the castle siege, where the medieval master buttons were overlapping and causing issues with clean-up.
We also fixed being able to fast travel from enemy areas, so no more escaping your assailants, or exploiting it to get into people’s castles.

– Added a spinner showing you pasting is in progress.

– Fixed being able to fast travel from enemy areas.
– Fixed help text on map screen getting cut off.
– Fixed sound not playing on large round wall with door blocks.
– Fixed voxel hand materials not displaying the selected material on the HUD.
– Fixed a small performance issue caused by colliding grids looking for blocks outside the grid’s size.
– Fixed medieval master buttons overlapping each other preventing proper trash cleanup.
– “Remove floating objects” now also cleans up lootbags.
– Fixed group name for thatch roofs and floors.
– Fixed a rare crash when removing drums that were still connected by rope.

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