Update 0.5.16 – Keep On Running

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got some nice fixes and improvements for you. Switching toolbar items no longer interrupts your running. If you are the kind of player who likes to do things on the move then this should be a nice quality of life improvement for you. We’ve also fixed moderator privileges for kicking and banning. This should make moderators useful again on servers. Other improvements include fixes for the respawn menu, tooltip changes on the toolbar configuration screen (g-menu), and improved multi-line text boxes.

The community translators have completed the Portuguese language. We’ve started work reviewing the translations and checking them in the game’s GUI. If you would like to contribute to the translation of your own language, or even to the Portuguese language as we add new content, you can find out how to participate at http://www.medievalengineers.com/localization.

Tim will be back from vacation next week with some brand new content. Until then, have a fantastic time in Medieval Engineers and… Keep On Running!

– Fixed respawn menu closing when F is pressed
– Fixed moderators not being able to kick and ban
– Fixed voxel normals and improved ambient occlusion
– Fixed crossbow required ammunition in creative mode
– Removed wind sway from far LODs of trees to improve performance
– Fixed improper behavior when multiple permission types are set on doors
– Fixed selecting a different item on the toolbar stops the character from running
– Fixed tooltip sticking during drag & drop on toolbar configuration screen (G-menu)
– Fixed block variant limit for the information section on the toolbar configuration screen (G-menu)
– Fixed compounding of HouseStoneRoundedDoor, StoneCeilingInnerCornerSharp, and StoneCeilingInnerCornerWall
– Fixed younger brother of clangortar (prototype for http://steamcommunity.com/app/333950/discussions/5/2579854400735736296/)

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