Update 0.6.1 – On the road!


Hello, Engineers!
The release of 0.6 has been received very well. A lot of servers sprouted up, hundreds of people were playing multiplayer together, and we saw a peak of nearly a thousand players at the same time, the highest it’s been in several months. While you guys were playing, we were hard at work fixing all kinds of bugs, as well as improving the overall game. We released multiple hotfixes over the course of the week since the release, addressing most of the crashes, and the game is pretty stable again!

For today, we have a bunch of fixes prepared, including some of the most annoying bugs pestering the game. The AMD texture bug is resolved. We have solved the fast travel launches, so you can feel safe travelling again. In addition we have some small quality of life improvements, such as the pickaxe now has a secondary action for mining without returning the resources, and double-clicking on the map now triggers fast travel.

Enjoy the update!

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed a crash with modded blocks without construction stage models.
– Fixed a crash with the rope tool.
– Fixed a crash with the hammer tool when a modded multiblock was missing the main block definition.
– Fixed a crash in the main menu when the system was low on memory.
– Fixed a crash when spawning a player character and there was no room to spawn them.

General Fixes:
– Fixed texture bug on AMD cards.
– Fixed the blocks in multiplayer turning invisible when building other blocks beside it.
– Fast travel no longer launches you into the air.
– Fast travel cooldown is no longer applied when you have admin mode enabled.
– Fast travel now allows you to travel freely within areas claimed by you, or by your allies that have given you fast travel permission, even if the areas are not on a road. This will allow you to connect your claims to the road system.
– Fast travel can now be initiated by double-clicking on an area on the map, no need to first click on the fast travel button to toggle fast travel mode.
– Pickaxe secondary action now mines without generating items.
– Added “Mod: ” to the tooltip of items in the crafting screen, allowing you to see which mod introduced the item. If the item is vanilla, there is no entry.
– Slightly increased world download speeds.
– Updated military quest description texts.
– The Janitor will now clean up any static grids in the center of the planet.

– Added MyDependency attribute to whitelist.
– Added GetFatBlocks() enumerator to MyCompoundCubeBlock.

Known Issues:
– We are aware of a slowdown when people are connecting to the server. We’re working on it.

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