Update 0.6.2 Patch 2 – Mod Collector


Hello, Engineers!
In this patch we’re enabling mod collection downloading for the dedicated servers. This feature was introduced into the clients on the release of 0.6.2, and now it’s there for dedicated servers too. Admins can simply create a mod collection on Steam and then tell their server just to load the mod collection ID. The game will automatically figure out which mods to download, and from then on you can manage your server’s mods from the Steam workshop. We also resolved various issues with the player’s death handling, such as the corpses not loading correctly and the character getting disconnected from their character on respawn.

Enjoy the update!

General improvements:
– Resolved the large amount of error logging from the log files.
– Mod Collections now download correctly on dedicated servers.
– Deer pelts no longer intersect each other in the tanning rack.
– Dead herbs now return sticks.
– Shovel no longer rotates in the hand while starting to sprint.
– Shovel animation for the female in first person now plays correctly.
– Falling animation now loops properly.
– Landscaping stake is now in the correct hand position.
– Reduced the character’s spawn size so that you more accurately spawn where you log out.
– Saving the game with dead characters no longer causes the player to get disconnected from their character on respawn.
– Dead bodies that were saved no longer get stuck as undead on reload and correctly fall to the ground again.
– Melee weapon impacts no longer play the crossbow bolt impact sound on top of their own impact sound.

Crash fixes:
– Fixed a crash in the AI pathfinding.
– Fixed a crash in the fast travel loading code.
– Fixed a crash in the map generator when a modded planet name contained invalid characters.
– Solved a potential game freeze when the voxels were refreshed during game load.

Modding changes:
– Fuel and tax components now merge correctly.
– Local mods now load when Steam is set to offline mode.
– Edit world screen now switches to Offline when a local mod is added to the mods list.

Keen Software House team

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