Update 0.6.2 Patch 6 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers!
Another week, another update! This week we’ve implemented some code to prevent the grid coordinate system from getting into a corrupted state when deconstructing blocks that cause a building to split in half. This fix applies retroactively, and should fix some issues with the placement of larger blocks like battlements on walls. Additionally, we implemented a nice error message when joining someone’s private game. The load world screen now opens again, even when you do not have any saves, so that you can load worlds from the workshop. Renaming worlds correctly updates the directory, and vsync now saves the setting from the display settings.
Enjoy the update!

General Changes:
– Grid coordinate system no longer gets into an invalid state when deconstructing blocks that causes a building to split into two buildings.
– Clicking Join Game from the Steam friends list while the game is running no longer fails quietly when the game is set to private.
– Load world screen now allows access to loading workshop worlds even when you do not have any local saves.
– Renaming a world in the load worlds screen now also renames the save folder.
– VSync can now be enabled again in the menu.

Modding Changes:
– Re-whitelisted TimeDefinition. It was erroneously lost in the 0.6 release.

Keen Software House team

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