Update 0.6.3 Patch 4 – Minor Update

Hello, Engineers!
With the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we had to implement some changes of our own as well. Primarily, this revolves around the crash log reporting, as the game isn’t tracking any personal data otherwise, so we updated our crash reporting screen to make it clear what exactly the log contains, what we do with it, as well as give it a nice graphical overhaul.
The updated Privacy Policy can be found here: http://mirror.keenswh.com/policy/KSWH_Privacy_Policy.pdf

In addition to that, we fixed a crash, tweaked some animations, and updated some texts. We also addressed an issue where the map would open and close repeatedly; we found out that it was caused by Barbarians trying to read the treasure map in their loot.
Enjoy the update!

GDPR Changes:
– The crash reporting screen was updated to reflect requirements from the GDPR.

General changes:
– Font size for cardinal directions on the font is slightly reduced for readability.
– Resolved a rare crash when mechanical blocks started animating again.
– Inventory size multiplier no longer affects inventory block mass.
– Character suits correctly randomize color on first creation.
– Told Barbarians to stop trying to read maps.
– Updated the descriptions for several quests.
– Updated the text for several tools.
– Various animations were tweaked.
– Cleaned up some memory leaks.

Keen Software House team

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