Update 02.034 – Ground inventory management, Barbarian stamina

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We have added a way to manage the inventory on the ground around you. When the inventory screen is opened it will show all nearby inventories and items that are on the ground. These items can be dragged from the ground to the personal inventory or nearby containers. Additionally, we added stamina for Barbarians. When the barbarians become fatigued they will not be able to attack until they have recuperated. Moreover, we added pre-configured toolbars appropriate for each new survival scenario. Lastly, we added the ability to rotate objects while using the manipulation tool by pressing Q/Shift+Q, E/Shift+E, or R/Shift+R.


– ground inventory management
– barbarian stamina
– default settings for toolbars in survival scenarios
– rotation of objects through manipulation tool

– fixed multiplayer client bug when stopping manipulation
– fixed player could not respawn after all his beds were destroyed
– fixed voxel hand still displayed when pasting
– fixed structural integrity not working in some situations
– fixed new clients on DS have no toolbars
– fixed crash with admin spectator building
– fixed issue with multiple focus in inventory screen
– fixed crash related to environment items being at the same location
– removed limitation for transferring items to the ground (it was always 10)

Update 007
– fixed crash with area inventories on certain maps or after deconstructing the fractured block
– fixed crash when a client got kicked/banned
– fixed moving an incorrect item from ground inventory to another one in multiplayer client

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