Update 02.035 – Bugfixes, Inventory distance indicator

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This week the stabilization period continues with new fixes and improvements. We added a distance indicator to the inventory so you will know which inventory you are accessing. Also, we added info so you can preview the stats’ change when you move the mouse over a consumable item in the inventory. Moreover, all maps now have multiple respawn locations. We also tweaked door collision models. Lastly, putting damaged/incomplete grids to inventory is forbidden from now on.


– inventory distance indicator
– consumable stats preview
– multiple respawn locations

– fixed manipulation tool rotates while typing a chat message
– fixed crash when you die with inventory open
– fixed swapping behaviors not working correctly
– fixed potential crash on load world with AI in it
– fixed AI causing simulation speed drop
– fixed collision model in house stone rounded door offset and house half stone double windows
– putting damaged/incomplete grids to inventory is forbidden now
– fixed issue with a player not able to connect to ds when there is last free slot
– fixed infinite timbers glitch
– fixed tools doing invalid actions in certain situations
– fixed peasants not able to change to manipulation tool
– fixed grabbing with manipulation tool being too strong

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