Update 02.066 – Bug fixes

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Description: This week is about fixing bugs. We have fixed crashes, made some tweaks and fixed a problem with crossbow ammunition. Also we have made some multiplayer changes which should prevent floating objects being desynchronized all the time. More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!


– New sound of flying projectile close to player

Tweaks & Optimizations:
floating objects + fractures improvement
– fixed an increased number of packets being sent to the client
– removed a log line about “physical item missing” to prevent log flooding
– improved icons of character animation.
– improved a problem where the camera was seeing through voxels
– fixed the camera getting inside of character tools
– changed price of catch blocks in blueprints
– changed handling of icon text to allow better customization
– equivalency groups for items (this is to replace substitutions and later also component blocks)
– inventories can now take equivalents into account when counting items

– fixed highlights on mechanical blocks
– improvements to the grid synchronization in MP
– fixed a random crash in MyCubeGrid
– fixing crash in ME if blueprints cannot be loaded (happened in broken MODs – e.g. Runescape total conversion MOD)
– fixing cube builder trying to paste stuff even though it was deactivated
– fixed crossbow not showing ammo
– fixed inventory overflow
– items with use objects can now be picked up again
– fixed “Graphics card is not supported” issues
– fixed issue with shift
– fixed blueprints with timber 10 and timber round 10
– fixed compound building of the roofs
– fixed highlight on the barbarian bag
– Timber Diagonal block can be stacked now
– adding the missing “fall ground” sound
– fixed crossbow ammo not being saved
– fixed blocks with different materials used for constructing/deconstructing
– fixed infinite loop in MyCueBank in the menu
– fixed a crash in serialization
– fixed allocations of fracture pieces on the client
– fixed the bug reporting link

fixed crash in serialization of hand torch and other minor crashes

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