Frequently Asked Questions


Are people allowed to make video content & post it to YouTube or other similar video sharing services?
Yes. We encourage our players to capture in-game video and screenshots and share them with the Community.

Are people allowed to monetize videos of Medieval Engineers?
Yes, players are free to upload the videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites with advertisements on them. See our video policy for more information.

What does Early Access mean?
Early Access means that you can buy and play the game while it is still under development. By doing so, you’re actively supporting its development.

Is the game available only on Steam?
Yes, at this moment you need a Steam account to play the game.

Where can I purchase Medieval Engineers?
You can buy the game through the developer’s website and on on Steam. Other official online distributors include but are not limited to:

  • Desura
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Amazon
  • Gamers Gate
  • Humble Store
  • Merge Games
  • Fanatical
  • Indiegala

Note: You may also find other places where you can buy the game which are not presented here. This doesn’t mean that they are shady, but be very careful before you decide to buy through these services.

Are you considering Linux, Mac, Xbox, PS3 or any other port?
Yes, we are also considering other platforms as well, but for now our focus is only on the Windows version.

I have a technical issue with the game
Please visit our Troubleshooting page or our Technical Help forum.

I have a game-play question
Please visit our game-play forum.

Is the game free to play or pay to play?
Medieval Engineers is neither F2P nor P2P. Medieval Engineers is a “standard” PC game at this moment, you buy it and play it. No micro-transactions, no subscriptions.

What if I bought the game and my system is below the minimum requirements or i am using an operating system which is not supported? Can I have a refund?
We are sorry, but we don’t offer refunds for technical reasons. If you encounter any problems, please contact us immediately and we will help you.

What is “Projectile thrower”?
The tool for throwing projectiles is more like a test tool rather than simulation of a catapult. The large projectile weights 500 kg and its firing speed is 300 km/h or 187 MPH. With this mass and speed any wall will fall down with a few shots. We will add projectiles that are more realistic in the future.

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