Update 0.3.3 – Window Shutters

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Hello Engineers! This week we’ve added three new blocks: Wooden Wall Window Shutters, Stone Wall Window Shutters and Round Stone Wall Window Shutters! Now you can close your windows from peeking eyes at last!
We’ve implemented the first iteration of tax balance. Now, you can only pay taxes with resources. The time value for resources is balanced around roughly 1 hour of playing the game to fully pay for 10 claim blocks. We will probably tweak the values in future updates.


– Added Wooden Wall Window Shutters
– Added Stone Wall Window Shutters
– Added Round Stone Wall Window Shutters

– added some logging to the render log, when you get “Graphics Card Not Supported” please send us the VRageRender-DirectX11 log. Thanks!
– tweaked resource tax values, different resources give different amounts, crafted resources are worth more tax than base resources.
– updated several loading screens.
– fixed small grids replicating before the large grid they’re connected to replicates. This was the cause of the floating small grids while the large grid still loads issue.
– fixed the default bitrate issue causing sounds not to play on some systems.
– fixed a crash when interacting with players on a legacy world.
– fixed an issue that could cause barbarians not to spawn.
– fixed barbarians not actually causing damage to players.
– fixed a crash in the tax payment system.
– fixed some broken barbarian definitions.
– fixed mountpoints on windows and doors.
– fixed collected pumpkins still having collisions.

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