Update 0.3.5 – More Window Blocks, Manipulation Tool Improvements

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Hello Engineers! In this week’s update we are adding the missing window blocks and improving the Manipulation Tool. Additionally, we are fixing several exploits and fixing some bugs. Thanks everyone for your reports, it really helps!
From now on you don’t need to equip the “tool”, it is enabled by default when no other block or tool is selected. You can pick up light and small objects with left mouse button and drag heavier objects with right mouse button. We also made possible for multiple people to drag one object and combine their strength.
Another improvement added is lock rope option for the Rope Drum block. Now you will be able to lock the rope, so that accidentally tapping F will no longer detach your rope. When the rope drum is locked, tapping it will be a shortcut for unlocking the pin instead, making it easier to fire your catapults and trebuchets!


– Added more Window Blocks
– Manipulation Tool Improvements
– Rope Drum Improvements

– Fixed an issue where you couldn’t place your manipulated object into the bucket of a catapult.
– Fixed several exploits that allowed people to easily destroy your buildings. It is now somewhat harder for people to destroy your buildings.
– Fixed the main memory leak that was causing the game to freeze after a couple of reloads.
– Fixed the stability of objects in multiplayer. (They should no longer rotate through the ground.)
– Fixed the multi-block placement, it should now be possible to place all multi-blocks again.

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