Update 0.4.11 – Catch ME If You Can

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve improved catch blocks. They now always place with their middle part. You can also pick them up by the middle part. Palisades have been updated so that you can no longer create upside-down buildings by accident. Also, we’ve improved fast travel spawning so that you won’t spend as much time falling down mountains.
Featured Improvements
– Environment items are deleted properly when modifying voxels.
– Catch blocks now place with their middle piece.
– Palisades are now always right-side-up.
– Fixed crafting getting stuck when the screen was closed while having multiple blueprints queued.
– Fixed crafting instantly completing the last item when the screen was closed.
– Improved fast travel destinations. No more traveling to mountain tops.
– Fixed a discrepancy between flags cost in crafting table and G screen.
– Fixed mining the soil not removing existing environment items.
– Fixed rebuilding broken blocks that are on the voxels.
– Fixed placement of small grids directly on voxels.
– Fixed missing middle part of catch blocks.
– Fixed column generation for spiral stairs.
– Fixed dead plants never being removed.
– Fixed soil never becoming exhausted.
– Fixed unable to pick up rope end.
– Fixed quest crashes.


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