Update 0.4.16 – A Hole In Your Defense

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Hello,  Engineers! We hope you enjoyed our April fools joke. The super axe has been shelved for posterity, and we’re back to our usual schedule.
This week we are bringing you machicolations. They were one of the staples of castle defense, and now we’re bringing them to Medieval Engineers. In addition to improving the performance on servers, we’re also fixing a clang bug with lockable rope drums when playing on Dedicated Servers.
– Added Machicolations
– Fixed bookshelf allowing every item.
– Fixed a clang-issue when using rope drums on DS.
– Slightly improved server performance when multiple clients are connected.
– Fixed an issue where mining and cutting trees would not always produce particles.
– Fixed an issue starting an empty world survival with day duration set to off. (Thanks josetxary19 for the report!)


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