Update 0.4.7 – Multiblock Improvements

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This week we provide a series of improvements to multiblocks, such as the large round wall, and their compound options. We also made the wheels’ collision model round again, your wheels can roll once more! We also introduce a new entity component called the AnimationEventStateTransitionComponent which allows us (and modders!) to trigger entity state transitions on animation events.

– Fixed a couple of crashes.
– Fixed modded lods not loading.
– Further tweaked the Grass foliage.
– Minor furniture redesign in the safe area.
– Properly centered the wooden gate hinges.
– Updated the display texts for several objects.
– Wood slope support now has a proper collision.
– Added some missing mount points to the portcullis.
– Improved the compound options for the slope corner.
– Improved compound dummy on the large stone round block.
– Improved the compound options for pretty much every round block.
– Improved the compound options for the both the full and half stone arches.
– Rounded the wheel collision shape, somehow the wheels had turned into cubes.
– Reorganized Palisade block positions, put blocks into appropriate block variant groups.
– Added AnimationEventStateTransitionComponent to all doors, shutters and the plow block.
– Updated the tooltips for metal parts and quivers to correctly state how many of them are produced.
– Removed forgotten wheel from mechanics research description, since it was moved to wheelwrighting.
– Added AnimationEventStateTransitionComponent to allow animation events to trigger entity state changes.
– Removed the ability to accidentally place multiple blocks in the same space leading to four doors in a single spot.
– Updated animation events to properly trigger when they were at the exact same time as the duration of the sequence.
– Greatly reduced the mass of the plow, harvester, seeder, furnace, millstone, research table, smithy and spinning wheel.

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