Update 0.4.9 – Hold the Door

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’re improving the sounds the small doors make. We also updated the starting time for the sun, making sure that the medieval planet scenario always starts you out in the morning. This should make starting out a little more forgiving for new players. We also addressed some other issues, most notably several placement and building of claimblocks. Harvesters should be working again after DS restarts, and the female engineer’s crouching animation should no longer be too fast.

– Small doors now make sounds.
– Default morning starting time for new medieval planet.

– Fixed issues with Claim Blocks.
– Fixed Female engineer crouch animation speed.
– Harvester blocks no longer disabled after DS restart.
– Fixed an issue where plants would grow out of sync on the clients.
– Fixed a crash with repeatedly switching between two different multiblocks from spectator camera while aiming at voxels.

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