Update 0.5.2 – Sticks and Stones

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’re focusing hard on polishing the 0.5 update with a lot of bugfixes. We made large stones a little easier to get, the rope tool is more easy to use, the wooden door no longer requires iron, and we solved some more crashes.
We also introduced some new elements to ModAPI and added a tag for ropes.

– Added large stones spawning on rocky grass areas, and diggable from the rocky grass dirt.
– Made changes to the rope tool, durability and stacksize was changed.
– Wooden door no longer requires iron.
– Added construction model for trap door.
– Decreased depth of stone on grasslands.
– Increased durability of the crossbow.

– Fixed MP inventory duplication issue.
– Fixed crafting queue bugs.
– Fixed chair crafting.
– Fixed tear-able rope crafting.
– Fixed grass voxel not having iron indication.
– Fixed player not being able to cancel crafting.
– Removed pickaxe right-click behavior.
– Fixed mod screen adding workshop mods to the active world when the user intended to use a local one instead.
– Fixed collision shape on the large log stockpile.
– Fixed a crash while selecting multiblocks.
– Fixed a crash while building multiblocks.
– Fixed a crash while digging.
– Fixed other minor/random crashes.

– Whitelisted Medieval.Entities.Stats.MedievalStatEffect namespace which now contains all stat logic.
– Added Rope tag.
– Added IMyObject to ModAPI.

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