Update 0.5.5 – Rolling Stones

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got the small stockpile for large stones for you! We also improved voxel performance significantly, and fixed an issue with the tree LODs not dithering correctly. Additionally, we squashed a couple of bugs, and finally, we did some more modding improvements!

– Added small stockpile for large stones. As we did with the timbers and logs, we also removed the large stones from chests and barrels now.

– Improved performance of voxels on the planet in general.
– Fixed trees not dithering when switching their LOD models.
– Fixed crafting fuel usage not displaying correctly in multiplayer.
– Fixed mouse wheel not working correctly on multiline text boxes.
– Fixed some small bugs with research table and the wooden shelf.
– Blacklisted some hand items from weapon rack that didn’t belong there.
– Fixed character footsteps not working correctly, and increased their volume.
– Fixed the banners on the area info HUD element not fading away completely.
– Fixed area information notification banner sometimes not fading out correctly.
– Fixed camera position for a respawn location sometimes being inside the respawn entity.
– Fixed several minor crashes.

– Added MyMeleeWeaponBehaviorDefinition and MyRangedWeaponBehaviorDefinition to whitelist.
– Added SessionComponentDefinition to ModAPI whitelist so modders can InitFromDefinition their session components.
– Fixed ModelReadyToShoot path not being moddable.
– Added documentation integration for the ModAPI dll.

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