April 3, 2018

Update 0.6.3 – A Player Reborn

Hello, Engineers!At long last, here we are with Medieval Engineers 0.6.3! With this update we have released a big set of new blocks, updated a collection of wooden blocks, and revamped the player stats, food recipes, and all game mechanics that tie into this feature set. Game performance has been improved, and lots of old


Hello, Engineers!
At long last, here we are with Medieval Engineers 0.6.3! With this update we have released a big set of new blocks, updated a collection of wooden blocks, and revamped the player stats, food recipes, and all game mechanics that tie into this feature set. Game performance has been improved, and lots of old bugs have been squashed.

First, we are introducing the wooden wall set. These walls follow the log walls in the progression path, and they make an invaluable addition to the design of your buildings. These blocks are very detailed and compound like all the other walls. These are bound to make your buildings look more proper! Next, the wooden floor and the wooden railings have been updated. The new railings are at a much more reasonable height, and the new floors fit much better with all of the new wood textures that have been introduced in 0.6 so far.

Additionally, we have reworked the way the character’s stats are managed. Now, new players will be able to more easily get their bearing in the game, while advanced players will have more depth to their characters. With the new system we’ve also introduced an overhauled food system. The advanced recipes provide additional benefits to your character making it more enticing to keep your character well fed. The new system allows for a greater immersion into the world; walking into the open fires of a campfire will now set you on fire, and advanced recipes provide great bonuses. All of the food recipes tie into the farming, and there is value to farm all of the types of farmable resources. All ingredients are used for different recipes, using the food item tags that were introduced in version 0.6.1.

We have also improved the performance for the rendering of blocks, especially blocks at greater distance now render slightly faster. This primarily benefits areas where there are a large amount of blocks in a small area, such as villages and large castles. There’s also an improvement in voxel loading and rendering, which is particularly visible when flying around the planet in spectator mode, or in creative/admin mode.

Enjoy the update!

New Blocks

  • Added set of wooden walls, with and without doors, windows and matching roof wall pieces.
  • Floor texture has been updated to better fit the new walls. This also includes the portcullis, trap door, etc.
  • Updated the wooden railings model, it has a correct height for a railing, and it comes in both small railing and ceiling support styles.

Player Stats Changes

  • Overhauled stats and food system to make it more friendly to new players and more interesting to advanced players.
  • Eating good food over a longer period of time will slowly raise your character’s overall well-being, increasing your maximum health and stamina, as well as improving the rate at which you swing your tools and weapons.
  • Food now grants other positive effects making cooking more rewarding.
  • Hungry players no longer starve to death, instead they will suffer regeneration loss, reduced building speed, and eventually loss in well-being.
  • The health/stamina/food bars have been updated to reflect the new system.
  • All food has been altered, some recipes have been removed, new ones were added, models were updated and effects are introduced.
  • Vanilla consumables no longer produce instantaneous healing effects, preventing combatants from keeping themselves alive by spamming it during battle.

General Changes

  • Improved loading times by more efficient data management of plants and trees.
  • Refactored Windows Service interface, this should allow dedicated server services to be managed more easily by Windows.
  • Fast travelling now consumes food, your maximum travel distance is limited by how well fed you are, so bring some food while traveling!
  • Fast travelling distance calculation now follows the road, it no longer takes the distance as the crow flies, increasing the travel distances when fast traveling around enemy claimed areas.
  • Attacking and performing tool actions now consumes stamina.
  • Blocking attacks now consumes stamina.
  • Blocking attacks now plays an appropriate blocking effect.
  • Stone and log stockpile roofs are no longer see-through.
  • Updated tanning rack model.
  • Falling damage calculations were updated to be a little less tolerant to sliding down mountains.
  • Standing in the fire of a burning campfire or brazier will now cause damage.
  • Barbarians are now stunned for a short amount of time after being blocked.
  • Barbarian loot reduced due to large amount of barbarians providing free resources.
  • Searching for blocks by name now provides more results, i.e. “door” will return walls with door.
  • Crafting progress now synchronizes correctly on DS when you douse the fire mid-craft, or reconnect after a craft was paused.
  • Increased small stone amount in some biomes.
  • Reduced withered step duration for wild farmables.
  • Bronze tools’ efficiency increased to be on par with Steel, but with lower durability than iron.
  • Removed accidental tertiary action support from pickaxe.
  • Enabled pasting blueprints from spectator camera.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance with rendering buildings.
  • Improved voxel rendering, giving a small performance gain when flying around rapidly.
  • Updated the LOD behaviour of blocks, increasing rendering performance for blocks at distance.

Modding Changes

  • Introduced animation blending node to blend animations together using variable values.
  • Added following item tags: MeleeWeapon, Pickaxe, AxeCutting, Shovel.
  • Updated search screen categories to support tags.
  • Removed MyCharacterStatComponent.
  • Removed old MyEntityStatComponent.
  • Added new MyEntityStatComponent. (Different namespace.)
  • Added Phantom Component, this creates a special physics trigger field that allows you to create, for example, damage fields (i.e. traps).
  • Added a new, fully moddable stat and effect system.
  • Removed legacy compatibility helper code from MyObjectBuilder_InventoryItem, it should now be possible to make custom item types.


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