Update 02.010 – Logging, Storage containers

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Logging is now available in Medieval Engineers. Players can cut trees to produce timber and scrap wood (these features will be more useful at the later versions of survival mode eg. for lighting fire).

Additionally, storage containers have been added. Currently there are three different types –small and big wooden chest and wooden barrel. Players can store items according to the volume capacity and size of each container by using the manipulation tool – point to the highlighted area on the container and press “T”. Also, the option to change the player’s color and model has been moved to “K” button.

Lastly, axe has been added – it can be used as a weapon or as a logging tool if pointed towards a tree or a fallen log (L_MOUSE = attack/logging, R_MOUSE = block/crafting).

– logging: cutting trees and wood processing
– storage containers (wooden chests and barrel)

New blocks
– axe
– large wooden chest
– logs
– scrap wood

– fixed statue has wrong mount points
– fixed barbarians could not attack statue
– fixed scenarios starting at night

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