Update 02.012 – Peasant Miner, Diagonal blocks

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We are introducing the first version of a Miner AI peasant (work in progress). If you place him near a mountain or other stony terrain, he will automatically mine stones for you. The selection of blocks was expanded with new diagonal variants and we added a few small changes here and there (new sounds, AI improvements, ragdoll).


– peasant miner
– diagonal blocks
– new sounds
– deers now react to other NPCs
– improved barbarian behavior
– deer’s ragdoll added
– added report bug link in the main menu

New blocks:
– Stone Block Slope Diagonal
– Stone Battlement Center Diagonal
– Stone Battlement Side Diagonal
– Stone Platform Diagonal

– fixed corruption of worlds (it should be possible to load the corrupted worlds now)
– fixed timbers turning 90 degrees when damaged
– fixed barbarian spazzing/pathfinding issues
– fixed K screen hint multiplying on your screen
– fixed large stone pillars appearing on borders of large world scenarios

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