Update 02.051 – Third batch of Multi-blocks in Survival

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For this week’s update we prepared a new batch of multi blocks for Survival mode. More blocks will be added in future updates.


– Third batch of Multi-blocks in Survival

Bug fixes
– improved quality of destruction texture
– volume polishing
– added construction model for KingStatue.
– added edging on stone arches and walls where it was missing
– fixed various bot behaviors: follower, barbarians, porters
– fixed barbarians running backwards and strafing sometimes
– fixed a problem with block placement logic in compound dummies
– fixed placement dummies of several blocks
– fixed missing sound and blood upon hitting a barbarian
– fixed wrong coloring of players in Castle Siege
– fixed some issues with pushing carts and other dynamic things
– fixed a problem when destroyed containers wouldn’t drop lootbag & fixed position of the bag
– fixed mount points of build progress models for platform blocks
– fixed a problem when multiblocks could not be placed when there was no hit entity

– Fixed a MP crash in inventory screen when someone else modified the inventory

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