Update 02.055 – Hit confirmation, bug fixes

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For this week’s update we prepared a new batch of bug fixes for example improving the barbarian behavior and we also introduced small changes like hit confirmation on all weapons.
A successful hit to any character or animal with a weapon will be represented visually by changing the cross-hair, including its color, and auditory, with a sound effect.
We also added a small improvement for mined rocks – from now on you will dig them out in different sizes (the size doesn’t have an impact on weight, required space in inventory or the usage of the rock itself).


– Hit confirmation
– Various rock sizes

– New ambient sound for high zone
– New HUD error sounds
– Fixed object outlines getting blurred over grass
– Removed lag when switching blocks on G screen
– Added shader cache
– Added more variations to tree break sounds
– Various shader optimizations
– Improved barbarians targeting blocks
– Barbarians are now able to target walls of wood
– Barbarians are now able to find new targets and stay in the attack mode if they can not reach old target
– Fixed UV on StoneRoundLargeFullMir
– Fixed crash in cube builder when placing multi blocks
– Fixed wrongly written stat mods crashing the game
– Fixed a crash with light dummy on non-light block
– Fixed dummies on StoneBlockSlopeDiagonal

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