Update 02.061 – Bug fixes

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This week, we’ve been busy working on bug fixes and code refactoring. We also have some important news for the modders: ModAPI has been changed in this release. We’ve made most mods compile with the new references and also updated the usage.
However, there still may be some mods that use references directly to namespaces and won’t be replaced automatically. For more details, follow the link below.


– changes to the ModAPI: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/changes-to-the-modapi-update-02-061.7381589/

Fixes & Optimizations:
– significantly faster mesh loading
– improved quality of StoneOres
– tweaked the eye adaptation to look better
– fixed barbarians without weapons on DS
– fixing blocks being placed as construction models in Medieval Master
– fixed foliage turning blue when highlighting objects on AMD cards
– fixed battle MP messages preventing the battle game mode to be played
– fixed a few crashes in serialization

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