Update 02.068 – Draw bridge

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Hello Engineers! This week we are adding a new block – draw bridge. This is another piece to add to our group of various entrances. The draw bridge is good for survival gameplay because it can be easily built, repaired, deconstructed or destroyed. The whole entrances group will be very modular and easy to combine with others in the group. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to use these pre-made blocks – you can always engineer your own ones.


– added draw bridge block
– fake ropes can be added to door blocks now
– disabled toolbar items now update if you have an item of the same type

– fixed dummies on HouseTimberFloorRoundIn.
– fixed durability not being saved for the dropped weapon
– toolbar items now show durability from the start of the game (no need to drop your wepon to the toolbar)
– fixed a problem with copy-pasted tools sharing the same durability
– structural integrity updated to support larger blocks (e.g. drawbridge)
– fixed floor targetting with the hammer
– the door and drawbridge blocks can now be destroyed even when hitting the moving parts

Update 008:
– fixed game restarting when sending crash report
– fixed character crash

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