Update 02.052 – Houses (factions)

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In today’s update we are introducing Houses to multiplayer. Once you connect to the server you can pick your allegiance to a House of your choice, or create one from scratch and start playing with your friends. This small feature precedes more additions to multiplayer that will come in the future updates.


– Houses

– polished volume of a few sounds
– added or fixed construction for HouseTimberTriangleOdd, RoofOdd, StoneRoundLargeFull
– fixed compound construction dummies on StoneRoundLargeFull
– fixed destruction in SlicedRoofTileCornerSharpWood_Main
– fixed a problem with not enough bushes in survival
– fixed spawning a lootbag, when an item cannot be spawned in the world (deconstruction, dropping items)
– when an item should be placed in loot bag then nearby loot bag is searched first
– disabled construction stage 2 on all blocks.
– G-screen now opens and closes with the G key. Use Tab for search now
– fixed woodcutter behavior
– you can no longer drag items under the terrain with the manipulation tool
– disabled voxel hands in survival
– improved barbarian sword and axe attack animations
– added red font to some notifications
– bots don’t jerk when moving with very slow speed
– character can now fight without stamina (but stamina will still be drained by fighting)
– there is now a sound played when placing a line of blocks
– enabled StoneBattlementSideDiagonal and BattlementRoofTriangle in survival
– fixed catch block missing center section in some instances
– fixed DS lag when placing a new block (fixed by pre-caching of destruction models)
– rope ending can now be picked if it is connected to static grid
– manipulation tool in hold mode is stopped for connected grids with rope when these grids collide and one of them is manipulated
– Fixed a few crashes:

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