Update 02.053 – Bug fixes

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This week we are introducing a new batch of bug fixes, improving gameplay in both creative and survival modes. We improved sounds, resolved interrupting animations during melee combat, prevented the GPU from overheating by limiting the fps in the main menu and loading screens, and more.


– better spawning of items from inventory (larger distance checked)
– limited the FPS in main menu and loading screen to prevent GPU overheating
– render thread cap increased to 120Hz
– improved cube grid draw performance
– improved the crafting texts
– improved deer sounds
– removing the relationship between stamina and character mass
– servers are now refreshed when clicked on cancel
– added cooking food sound
– hit sound no longer played when character walks over a weapon
– trees now have better sounds when they fall on the ground
– fixed a problem with being able to disintegrate objects (e.g. catapults) by putting them into chests
– fixed manipulation tool cleaning when manipulation failed to start
– fixed a bug with the crafting in fire not working
– fixed a crash in MyFloraComponent.BeforeStart
– fixed a bug with barbarians interrupting their animation when hitting you

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