Update 0.5.21 – Hot Buns

Hello, Engineers! This week we are adding the oven. The oven is a more advanced crafting station that replaces your campfire, once you unlock Gourmet Cooking. It can cook all the same meals as the campfire, but it also crafts the more advanced meals that the campfire cannot prepare. It cooks twice as fast, so Read More


Update 0.5.20 – Bugfix Bonanza

Hello, Engineers! It’s a bugfix bonanza today, as we work diligently on the next major update. We’re not quite there yet, so please hang on until we have our surprises in a presentable state! One of our favorite fixes this week involves the synchronization of the visual inventories. They now update as you build nearby, Read More


Update 0.5.19 – A Crate Update

Hello, Engineers! This week we got a neat new storage block for you guys to use, that showcases the power of the entity component system! This new crate has a dynamic inventory constraint, permitting only 1 item type at a time, and it will dynamically update the crate’s front side to show you the contents, Read More


Update 0.5.17 – Not Hard Enough

Hello, Engineers! This week we’re implementing the first of the community feedback mods into the game; the weapon hardness system. From now on, swords and clubs will no longer destroy stone blocks. They can still damage wood however! We also upgraded the chest for the treasure map system. Additionally we implemented the ability to just Read More


Update 0.5.15 – Find ME If You Can!

Hello, Engineers! This week we have a neat little feature for the explorers among you. As you travel the world slaying barbarians and rummaging through stone piles, you may chance upon treasure map pieces. You can then combine these treasure map pieces to form a treasure map and use this to find treasures all around Read More


Update 0.5.13 – It’s On The House

Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got some exciting new multiplayer feature for you guys, we have re-implemented the House system and it’s now a lot more intuitive. You can create your own ranks, tweak their permissions, and you can become allies with other Houses allowing Fast Travel access through each other’s areas. The House management Read More