Update 0.4.15 – A Fitting Update

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In this update the building system now remembers the orientation of blocks within their group. This means you wont have to rotate timbers all the time anymore. We also added the visual inventory system to the bookcase, it’ll now show you the scrolls it contains. We also fixed the research unlocked message appearing for everyone on the server, the craft button in the bonfire not starting crafting, seeder and harvester recipes not working right, and several other issues.
We also tried to give every fix the same length. This turned out to be harder than it looked.

– Sub-blocks now remember the rotation in their group.
– Added visual inventory system to the bookcase model.

– Fixed catch blocks missing their core in some cases.
– Fixed research unlocked message visible to everyone.
– Fixed the collision sounds on the large wooden gate.
– Fixed draw bridge collision so you can walk onto it.
– Reduced timber collision size so they now fit nicely.
– Fixed seeder and harvester recipes being uncraftable.
– Fixed pickup timer on the rope release getting stuck.
– Fixed the merging of grids when a new grid is pasted.
– Clicking craft button in bonfire will start crafting.
– Fixed house screen members list not scrolling to top.
– Fixed settings for rope drum and release not loading.
– Fixed some crashes and added additional logging info.

P.S. With the changes to the timber collision shapes and small to large grid connection test, it is possible that some combinations of small and large grid connections that were previously possible to spontaneously disconnect now. If you see these things happening, be sure to let us know as this is an unintended side-effect. However, due to the large amount of small and large grid combinations possible we were not able to test all of them ourselves. Please report any unhappy combinations so we can fix them asap, thanks!

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