Update 0.4.14 – Taking Stock

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got a big update for you! We added seven new blocks to the game, with the visual inventory blocks as the main highlight! This system allows you to instantly see what is in an inventory of these five new blocks by looking at the block in the world. There is a Weapon Rack for your weapons, a Dining Table for food items, and Shelves for small and medium sized items. There is also a Bookshelf block for storing research schematics.


Next, we bring you Timber and Log Stockpiles for storing your building materials. The Stockpile blocks use our area inventory system so there is no need to run back and forth to your stockpile inventory while building your castles! Unlike storing these items as physical objects, these blocks have no negative performance impact while adding to the immersive atmosphere of your worlds.

We have also added a Trapdoor Block. It is a simple wooden door that allows for vertical access through floors.

But that’s not all! We’re moving on to the next iteration of our new quest system with the introduction of the Quest Log (found under “K” key). The Quest Log is able to toggle the quest tracker on your HUD, shows you your active and finished quests, and it allows you to abandon active quests. We would very much appreciate some feedback about this feature, so do not hesitate to voice your opinions in the comment section! :)

Last, but not least, we have some new features for our modders. The stockpile component our new blocks are using is available for modding, along with new and improved entity components and Event System. For more information on the modding features: http://www.medievalengineerswiki.com/index.php?title=Official_Content/New_Component_Modding_Guide

Also, watch last night’s live stream event where we show off these new blocks and Marek “The Boss” Rosa answers questions about the new HUD in Space Engineers.

New Blocks
– Timber Stockpile
– Log Stockpile
– Weapon Rack (able to store weapons and tools)
– Shelves (able to store small and medium items)
– Dining Table (able to store food items)
– Bookshelf (able to store research scrolls)
– Trapdoor Floor Block

Other Features & Modding
– New Quest Log, open it by pressing (“K”), this key binding can be rebound.
– Stockpile component added
– New entity components
– Event system added

– The chair can now be placed on the voxels.

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