Update 0.6.4 Patch 1 – Minor Update

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Hello, Engineers! We had an exciting week following the release of 0.6.4, and we see you have been enjoying the combat update as well! Many servers sprung back to life, and a lot of tournaments have been held in honor of the new combat mechanics. We have worked hard to tackle the most urgent issues as fast as we could, including an issue where all research was lost, or where structural integrity suddenly failed. And, of course, address the new crashes. Keep sending in those crash logs guys!

We also uploaded the stream to Youtube. The release stream had some internet connectivity issues in the beginning, so we had to edit it a little, but after the first half hour it stabilized and you can watch the stream again.

Today we also have a minor update to the game, addressing some of the issues that have been reported to us, such as the fact that barbarians didn’t take priority during combat, or that unarmed players were prioritized over armed opponents. We’re always reading your responses regarding the new systems, and we will continue to improve the combat mechanics as we get more feedback from the community.
Enjoy the update!

– Flying out of the planet atmosphere now kills you again.
– Admins are now always able to join their own server, even if it is full.
– Advanced Fortifications quest was updated for the sticks requirement on large blocks.
– Barbarians now take priority over players in targeting, and armed players take priority over unarmed/passive players.
– Tools with valid target will now disable combat mode if combat mode is accidentally enabled through a missed swing.
– Timber Stockpile’s straw wheat requirement was changed to thatch, and the Civilian / Stockpiles quest was updated accordingly.
– DS Configurator banned IDs list has been updated. When you put in several steam IDs and click save it will convert it to the new format.
– A new death message was added for when you get hit by fast moving physics like the stone balls, it should say “Playername was smashed!”

Keen Software House team

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