Update 0.6.4 Patch 2 – Minor Update

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Hello, Engineers!
Today we have two things for you: A developer diary, and some bugfixes! In today’s developer diary we discuss a rough overview of the development process of the 0.6.4 update, the main ideas behind our combat system, as well as a collection of other features that were part of this update.

The bugfixes focus on solving crashes, balance issues, and various other issues reported by you. Thanks for sending us the reports, keep them coming in! In addition, we updated the mod and blueprint uploading process to give a more helpful message when the thumbnail exceeds Steam’s regulations.

Enjoy the update!

– DirtSteppe is now plowable.
– Tweaked crossbow stamina behavior.
– Slightly increased adrenaline maximum.
– Changed battle music inside claimed areas.
– Removed mountpoint from top of wooden gate.
– Small stones now allowed in large stone stockpile.
– Fixed a crash when typing /amessage without content.
– Blueprint previews no longer create physics constraints.
– Tweaked max charge timing, it now takes 0.4 seconds less time.
– Right arm wound now drains more stamina during crossbow reload.
– Right/left arm wounds are now applied correctly for charged attacks.
– Fast traveling with Medieval Master enabled no longer consumes food.
– Report a bug on the main menu now takes you to the new support site.
– Fixed whitelist entry for MyHandItemBehaviorBase.StartActionResponse.
– Typing /help no longer lists commands that shouldn’t be available to you.
– Fixed a crash when trying to quick-reply when no-one sent you any messages.
– The minimum viewing distance on DS is now limited to no less than 100 meters.
– Fixed a crash when hammering a block with incorrect generated model settings.
– Selecting a block on your toolbar now always activates the block placer correctly.
– Equipping a torch no longer blocks the picking up or dragging of dynamic small grids.
– Clarified an error message when uploading mods and blueprints to Steam and the thumbnail is too large.
– Fixed one of the crash-without-a-trace crashes people have reported. These are both NVidia driver issues, but no workaround was found yet for the second crash. We recommend updating DirectX and NVidia Drivers.

Keen Software House team

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