Update 0.6.4 Patch 3 – Minor Update

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Hello, Engineers!
Like last week, we have two things for you: a developer diary, and more bugfixes! In today’s developer diary we are joined by Sergey Leonidov, one of the designers on the Medieval Engineers team. We go into an in-depth discussion about the ideas that went into, and the processes behind, the creation of the new combat system.

Additionally, we have a few small changes for you today. The most important one is the fix for the crash to desktop that you have been reporting when placing blocks on the toolbar, or scrolling through the variants. For those technical among you, it was caused by a race condition between the loading thread and the rendering thread.

Enjoy the update!

– Fixed a crash when spawning lootbags.
– Soil now plays the correct sound when hit with a pickaxe.
– Localization texts updated for various smelting recipes.
– Updated luxury house quest, planks added to first step.
– Civilian/Metal Tools quest step 4 updated to be more free in what tools it accepted.
– Fixed a race condition crash causing the game to crash without any information in the logs.

Modding changes:
– Whitelisted StartActionResponse by moving it out of MyHandItemBehaviorBase.

Keen Software House Team

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