Update 02.005 – Barbarians!

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Barbarians have been added into the game! This is the first A.I. prototype and is still work-in-progress. Barbarians will wander around the map seeking for King Statues to destroy. Currently, since there is only creative mode, the player cannot be killed by them, so barbarians will just follow the character around the map. When they’re close to a King Statue – which is automatically spawned in the world or can be placed by player – they will destroy it; they will also destroy any building that is blocking their way. Barbarians can be killed by setting traps; for example when a tower falls on them, when they fall from a cliff, when a catapult ball hits them, etc. We’ve also added a few more types of catch blocks and round timber blocks. The new catch blocks should be more user-friendly because it was hard to attach something on them until now; there is also a variant which can be safely attached on walls.

Warning: This is first A.I. prototype and still work in progress! The purpose of this update is to introduce barbarians and see how players will behave with them and also to have fun. We will keep improving AI during the upcoming updates.

– barbarians + King Statues spawning (world settings to enable barbarians, default is OFF)
– barbarian spawning tool added
– added new types of ‘catch’ blocks – attaching blocks to catch blocks should be much more convenient now
– round timber blocks

Barbarians behavior:
– The pathfinding is currently not used for the Barbarians, so they will walk towards their target in a straight line
– Barbarians will wander around the map, seeking for King Statues to destroy
– If you kill a barbarian, he will re-spawn in 10 seconds when the barbarians are enabled in the world settings
– The first barbarian will spawn only after some time (10 minutes) and the others will follow in 3-5 minute intervals
– The maximum number of barbarians is currently 6 per map
– Barbarians would follow the player till 5m distance and then they stop (they will attack the player in the future, now you can lead them to traps, etc.)

– fixed steam overlay issues
– fixed crash in copy-paste
– fixed crash in destruction
– fixed crash while attaching beams
– fixed adding blueprint to a world causing damage to the pasted grid
– fixed rope ending mount-points
– fixed large dynamic grid collisions
– fixed models without textures and missing texts in menu after changing graphic presets
– fixed issues with destruction objects sunken in voxel
– improved structural integrity when a big object collides with terrain
– fixed small grid built on large grid becoming dynamic after destroying some parts of the grid
– fixed creating extra collisions while pasting an object
– fixed crash when changing graphical settings
– fixed missing collisions and destructions for more blocks
– fixed debris preventing the falling
– fixed wrong collision model for stone wall round door

Known issues, working on a fix
– Startup crash, crash in main menu after a few seconds – you can try this possible workaround for now: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=7310031

EDIT 02/25/2015:
Update 02.005.017
– fixed crash in character
– fixed crash when the game is running on background for a while

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