Update 02.006 – First form of Survival mode, settings panel, tearable rope

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In this week’s update, we are introducing the first form of the Survival mode. The initial feature of the survival mode is character’s death. Your character can now die by falling down from heights, by something hitting him hard or by something falling on him. The character can also die when the barbarians bit him.

Additionally, we have added a new settings panel which is available in Creative mode; it can be activated by pressing ‘K’ and you can switch night mode or remove block fractures.

Moreover, we have added a bunch of new blocks. The most interesting one is ‘rope hook’ which will automatically detach a rope on certain angles that can be configured by the player. Another interesting item is the tearable rope; this is a type of rope that gets broken when something comes in touch with it (barbarian leg, block, tree, etc.). It is ideal for building more sophisticated traps. There are also a few new slope blocks and battlements.

Lastly, ropes can now be found in ‘Character Tools’ – can be attached by pressing the primary action (left mouse) on highlight. The default rope is still available by pressing ‘T’ on highlight in Creative mode.

– character’s death (available only in survival mode through world settings)
– settings panel in Creative mode(‘K’ button)
– night switch
– fire and torches are now emitting light
– removing fractures (K-screen)
– rope release hook (point to it, press ‘K’ to adjust angle)
– tearable rope, basic rope added as a tool
– added slope blocks, 30 degrees, 60 degrees
– added slope battlement blocks, 45 degrees, 30 degrees
– added round battlement block (small radius)
– improved barbarians’ appearance

– fixed tooltips in custom world and edit world settings
– fixed placing static ball on the catapult disables rope movement
– fixed barbarians’ performance issues
– fixed startup crash
– fixed control hints for voxel hands
– improved roof structural integrity
– fixed roof mount points
– fixed king’s statue turned red when placed on a platform
– fixed tooltips in custom world and edit world settings
– fixed cannot scroll with ctrl+mouse wheel in blueprint menu
– fixed switching toolbars while G screen is open
– fixed camera issues in 3rd person
– fixed camera shaking annoyingly when using turn wheel

EDIT 03/04/2015:
Update 02.006.016
– fixed crash during destruction
– added more info into logfile about certain crashes

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