Update 02.016 – Xbox controller support

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Xbox controller support has been added to the game! You will now have the option to play the game by using a Xbox controller. There is currently one default button layout for testing purposes, but please do not hesitate to give us your feedback and info regarding the layouts you wish to see in the game; (the same addition will be introduced to Space Engineers in the near future and it is related to the development of the Xbox One version). Another additions are the modding guide and mod example for multi-block objects, peasant sounds, tree roots and more destruction performance optimizations. There has also been various improvements to the stability of the multiplayer mode based on the community feedback.


– Xbox controller support
– added more peasant sounds
– more destruction performance optimizations
– added tree roots
– Official Guide: Modding guide for multi-block objects: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441647604
– Example mod – BattlementTurret: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441524101

– fixed server killing clients when other clients were connecting due to large sim speed difference
– fixed ropes connecting between multiple clients on DS when T button was used for connection
– fixed crash with RopesInit on DS
– fixed crash with transition blocks if made public
– fixed small grid disconnecting from large grid when damaged
– fixed particle effects being generated in the forest during every destruction for no reason
– fixed ME and SE servers mixed in the joins screen, LAN tab
– fixed mouse wheel would both switch between models and adjust distance of dynamic object
– fixed possibility to trap barbarians in a plain of stone cubes

Default controller layout:
[IMG]Back-button – control menu (in-game only)
[IMG]Start-button – main menu (in-game only)


[IMG]A-button – accept
[IMG]B-button – cancel
[IMG]Dpad-up – go to the next control
[IMG]Dpad-down – go to the previous control
[IMG]Dpad-left – decrease value of slider
[IMG]Dpad-right – increase value of slider

[IMG]Left-Analog – movement
[IMG]Right-Analog – rotation of character
[IMG]Right-trigger – primary action
[IMG]Left-trigger – secondary action
[IMG]A-button – jump
[IMG]B-button – unequip
[IMG]X-button – use
[IMG]Y-button – flying (toggle, creative only)
[IMG]L3-button – crouch (toggle)
[IMG]R3-button – build mode (toggle)
[IMG]Dpad-up and [IMG]Dpad-down – switch between toolbars
[IMG]Dpad-left and [IMG]Dpad-right – switch between toolbar items

Build mode:
[IMG]Left-Analog – rotation of block
[IMG]Right-Analog – rotation of character
[IMG]Right-trigger – add block
[IMG]Left-trigger – remove block
[IMG]A-button – iterate block stage
[IMG]B-button – unequip
[IMG]X-button – compound mode (toggle)
[IMG]Y-button – dynamic mode (toggle)
[IMG]Left-bumper – move block closer (dynamic mode)
[IMG]Right-bumper – move block further (dynamic mode)
[IMG]L3-button – Structural integrity view (toggle)
[IMG]R3-button – build mode (toggle)
[IMG]Dpad-up and [IMG]Dpad-down – switch between toolbars
[IMG]Dpad-left and [IMG]Dpad-right – switch between toolbar items

Voxel mode:
[IMG]Right-Analog – rotation of character
[IMG]Right-trigger – add voxels
[IMG]Left-trigger – remove voxels
[IMG]A-button – paint with current voxel material
[IMG]B-button – unequip
[IMG]X-button – iterate voxel materials
[IMG]Y-button – voxel hand settings
[IMG]Dpad-up and [IMG]Dpad-down – switch between toolbars
[IMG]Dpad-left and [IMG]Dpad-right – switch between toolbar items

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