Update 02.017 – Peasant commands, Woodcutters

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We are introducing a new command system for peasants. You can now assign different roles to the friendly AI bots (servants) and convert them to specialized peasants (woodcutter, miner, porter). Then you can mark the areas where you want them to take action. This way you can better manage how you gather your resources. For example you can spawn a number of servant bots that will follow you around, go to the location where you want and assign to some of them to mine a specific area. Then assign the rest to collect the mined stones and gather them to a designated spot.

Warning: the maximum number of bots has been divided between controllable bots per player (peasants) and uncontrollable bots per map (animals, barbarians). But be advised that over 20 bots in one map can cause performance issues for now. This feature is still work-in-progress, so more options will be added and performance will be much better in the future.


– peasants’ command system
– servant peasant (follows player around, waiting for commands)
– woodcutter peasant (cuts trees)
– projectile thrower removed from survival mode
– peasant names

– only admins can edit gameplay options in the survival mode
– tweaked collisions and mountpoints on some blocks
– fixed particle effects of mining and impacts not showing on client
– fixed invisible collision model in place of the parts that got stored in the container
– fixed SE game values showing in the ME join screen
– fixed clipping through large rounded stone block
– fixed crash during load at addBreakableBody
– fixed memory leak during turning structural integrity view on/off
– fixed admin actions on the dedicated server (banning, etc.)

EDIT 05/20/2015:
Update 02.017.012

– fixed crash in rope component during world load
– fixed crash with porters while picking up stones
– fixed trees breaking after impact from projectile
– fixed crafting trees crashing the game

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